Sake / Beer / Alcohol

We are proud importer of many exclusive local sake and beer brewers from all over Japan. We are constantly looking for new and interesting breweries to collaborate with.

Since 2016 we have been importing sake from Naito brewery in Aichi and beer from Echigo Brewery in Niigata. Since then we have increased the number of breweries we work with, reaching from the northernmost sake brewery to a single barrel beer brewery tucked away in the mountains.

Our goal is to introduce fascinating and unknown local products from Japan to the world.

Next to that we are also educating people about the wonders of sake, shochu and other products so well known in Japan, but so foreign and unknown outside of Japan.

What is Sake?

Nosawa Shochu

Sake is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting rice. Despite being known as “rice wine,” it is in fact it is not really a wine, it is more like a strong beer made with rice instead of barley!

Sake’s most unique quality is that it is made using solely natural ingredients. With (arguably) at it’s centre the fascinating “rice koji,” a type of fungus that grows on rice and turns the starches in the rice into sugars, which can then be consumed by the yeast and turned into alcohol.

While sake is brewed up to an alcohol percentage reaching about 21%, most sakes are diluted at the brewery with the same mineral water to reach a percentage of around 15% (depending on the brew master’s preference).

Some interesting things about sake are for example that you can drink sake cold, at room temperature or hot, with ice, or even in a cocktail. It sometimes is better to listen to the brewer’s advice (which is usually found on the label) or in other cases you can just do however you feel like drinking it. Sake is truly a versatile drink.

Have a look at our map at the top and see the marvellous places our products are from!