We are Nosawa Amsterdam.

We are a Japanese import company based in The Netherlands. With our partner Nosawa Co. Ltd in Tokyo we are importing all kinds of amazing products from Japan!



The products we import are exclusively imported by us. We scout local producers in Japan who are not yet exporting outside of Japan and ask them to start a new business with us. That way we can present to you the most unique and fascinating products that have never been introduced in the European market.



Our main focus is on something we all love: Japanese drinks! We import Japanese local beers, jizake or also known as local sake as well as Shochu, the Japanese version of Vodka!



Since 2020 we are a certified Organic importer of Japanese green tea such as Matcha and Gyokuro from Shizuoka, Japan.



We also make it possible to import any kind of product you would like us to import,  so be sure to contact us via the contact form to reach out to us and find us on various social media platforms!

Our Products

Sake / Beer / Alcohol

Japanese Green tea

Tamahagane Chef Knives